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Agents Of Bill Gate Threatening Dr Stella Immanuel Over Claim On Covid-19 – Activist

A human rights activist and author, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, has tagged those criticising and threatening the life of Dr. Stella Immanuel’s Covid-19 solution as agents of Bill Gate and the New World Order.
Recalled that a Cameroonian-born and Nigerian trained medical doctor, Dr. Stella Immanuel, recently held a Press Summit with other medical doctors in Washington DC where she addressed a campaign on Coronavirus, lamenting that the antimalaria drug, hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Zithrimax are effective cures of Coronavirus.
Dr. Stella, who is the founder of Fire Power Deliverance Ministry discarded medical experts’ assertion that hydrochloroquine could cause serious heart problems in Covid-19 patients
She cited her experience with the use of the itemized drugs.
She decried that she has successfully treated no fewer than 350 patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc and Zithromax. Her prescription has been tagged as “politically motivated”.

She is reportedly working with Trump Campaign Groups and she is also reported to be a primary health care doctor and a pediatrician who probably comes across patients with mild symptoms of Covid-19 cases. Her video speech was shared by Freedom Rights Group and retweeted by the conservative Trump Campaigners.

Reacting further on the development, Comrade Paul, said that he “stands by Dr. Stella’s prophylatics to the detriment of her traducers, destroyers, agents of the New World Order and those seeking to break her spirit and finally eliminate her into her untimely grave”.

His statement read in parts:

“Dr. Stella Immanuel, is indeed a courageous daughter of Zion and a heroin like the late female helicopter combat flying officer, Ms. Tolulope Arotile, who was mysteriously murdered by the agent of perdition in Nigeria.

“I do not care if she is working for President Trump’s Campaign Organisation or not. I do not also care if she is a pediatrician and not an adult physician or whether she is a native of Cameroon or Nigeria, neither do I care if she is a prophetess or a pastor who studied in a Nigerian University or not. The basic truth is that she is a qualified Medical Doctor licenced and practicing in America with clinical studies across board and still administering drugs and treatment s to the thousands of American people till date.

“A woman of substance of her cadre who has fearlessly treated over 350 Covid-19 patients and contributed to finding approachable and scientific solutions for the treatment and prevention of the pandemic should be diligently encouraged, motivated and engaged than sabotage and unnecessary percecution by the emissary of the envious evil agents of the New World Order.

“Shame on those ungodly medical experts around the World who cannot resourcefully contribute anything significant to the treatment and prevention of this deadly virus but relishe on promoting the concept of Bill Gate and his allies.

“Let other medical experts indulge in collective researches for Covid-19 remedy and stop envying and sabotaging Stella’s medical resilience.

“The world want to be free from the pandemic. Coronavirus has treatment and prevention as many Nigerian politicians and other world-class VIPs who contracted the coronavirus have been secretly treated with her prescribed treatment items. The World should listen to her and save more lives as Coronavirus remains a virulent strain of malaria”, Njoku, stated.

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