• Calls On Security Agencies To Be at Alert

    The member representing Idah Federal Constituency at the House of Representatives, Hon David Idris Zacharias, CIK, on Saturday foiled what could have been a fatal and more devastating crisis in Itobe, Ofu local government over disputed chieftaincy title.

    Zacharias who abruptly left an event with guests after he was honored by the Igala Cultural Development Association, arrived Itobe at about 11pm on Saturday upon receiving a distress call that crisis erupted between two families over chieftaincy title, regretted the burning of houses and condemned the dastardly act.

    Arriving the scene where houses were burnt down by supporters of one of the disputed parties, the lawmaker expressed disappointment at the development why brothers could resort to destroying properties on issues that could be resolved using simple local intelligence and instruments of the law.

    The Ugbono of Igala kingdom, called on the worrying parties to give room for peace through dialogue, understanding and allow elders of the community who are familiar with the chieftaincy issues in the community to give useful advice on the way forward.

    Zacharias urged the worrying parties to use constituted means, especially the instrument of the law in extreme situations to resolve grievances, as taking laws into their hands would not only be counterproductive, but showed lack of civility and disrespect for constituted authority.

    He called on the Police to put all machineries in place in Itobe to avoid further escalation of the situation that may lead to the breakdown of law and order, why calling for the investigation, arrest and prosecution of those behind the burning of houses.