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How I was assaulted by CCT chairman, Abuja security guard speaks



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A security guard assaulted by the chairman of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), Danladi Umar, in Abuja on Monday, has narrated his ordeal .

The victim, Clement Sargwak, tracked down by our reporter on Wednesday, is a 22-year-old employee of Jul Reliable Guards Services Limited, posted as a security guard to Banex Plaza, in Wuse, Abuja, where he was attacked by Mr Umar on Monday.

Mr Umar was caught in a viral video clip slapping and kicking the security guardfollowing an altercation between them over the space where the CCT chairman parked his car on the premises of the plaza.

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The CCT, in a statement, on Tuesday, denied the assault allegation, insisting that it was Mr Umar that was assaulted by “some miscreants” who gathered at the scene of the incident.

Danladi Umar, the Chairman of the tribunal

In what appears a bid to justify Mr Umar’s attack on the security guard, the statement stated that Mr Sargwak was ‘rude’ in ordering the CCT chairman to remove his car from the parking space “for no reason”.

Mr Umar’s conduct has been widely condemned with many Nigerians calling for his prosecution.

Sargwak’s ordeal

But narrating his ordeal, Mr Sargwak, who had a bruised lip, said in pidgin English that he was assaulted after informing Mr Umar that his car was wrongly parked.

He said, ”I work as a security man stationed at the car park section at the old Banex Plaza. I was on duty when a man (Mr Umar) arrived in his car at the plaza and I noticed he parked his vehicle wrongly.

Then I approached him to inform him about his wrong parking, because he had parked by the roadside obstructing other visitors arriving at the plaza.

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”After I informed him about his wrong parking, he came out and slapped me, when he slapped me the driver also came down and slapped me and they tore my uniform and they stepped over me severally.”

Responding to the allegation that he threatened Mr Umar, Mr Sargwak said, ”It was even the ‘Oga’ by himself (Mr Umar) that went to his car to pick up an iron rod in an attempt to hit me on my head.

“A tenant at the plaza quickly held his hand and pleaded with him on my behalf not to hit me with the metal.

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”I later ran to meet my supervisor to come to my aid. I was unable to find my supervisor. But I later got my head guard to report my situation. On getting there, my head guard called the Banex police.

“I was slapped and kicked again by Mr Umar, policeman.”

Mr Sargwak said Mr Umar called the policemen and State Security Service (SSS) operatives attached to him as security details from home and waited for them to arrive.

He said on the arrival of the security details, a policeman among them also slapped him “on the order of Mr Umar”.

“When the police from Banex arrived at the scene, they tried calming the situation after speaking with him without success. The Oga called the police and SSS stationed at his residence and ordered the driver to go pick the security officers while he waited for them.

”When the man arrived with the security men, the Oga slapped me again in front of the police and ordered a police officer to also slap me which he did and thereafter ordered me to kneel down and I obeyed. As I went on my knees, the Oga also kicked me in my face and hit my mouth. I fell and my head guard then took me to my M.D’s office. That was when the Maitama Police Division came and took us to their station,” Mr Sargwark said.

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Two witnesses, who declined to give their names for fear of possible victimisation, told PREMIUM TIMES how Mr Umar assaulted Mr Sargwak in defiance of pleas from people around.

Bailed by plaza’s lawyer
He said after spending some time at the Maitama police division, the Banex plaza’s lawyer arrived to free him.

”When we got there with the man (Mr Umar) he was at the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) office but he later left. I was later approached by the police to call my manager from the plaza so we can be released. My manager came along with the Banex plaza’s lawyer and I was later bailed from the Maitama Police Station,” Mr Sargwak said.


Asked if he spent the night at the cell? he said, ”No I did not spend the night there. I was not even put inside the cell.”

He added, ”As we returned to the Banex Plaza in the evening at about 7p.m. I saw him (Mr Umar) with my two eyes open. They came to arrest a man, Peter Onyiuke, who had helped him pick up his phone and immediately returned; because his phone had dropped on the floor when he was beating me.

”He arrived with two Hilux vehicles filled with operatives of the SSS. He dropped them and left. SSS operatives fired some shots in the air and they took him away.”

Sargwak’s lawyer speaks
While on a visit to the plaza on Wednesday, our reporter observed that about three police officers in mufti said to be from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command and the Maitama Police Division were interrogating Mr Sargwak behind closed doors.

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Samuel Ihensekhien, a lawyer to the owners of the plaza who also represents Mr Sargwak, told PREMIUM TIMES that the Police FCT Police Command had taken over the case.

He said, ”It was brought to my attention that on March 29, Mr Sargwak was assaulted and harmed and was on the verge of almost being killed by Mr Danlandi Umar. And he was subsequently taken to the Maitama Police Station.

“I was informed that Mr Danladi Umar went to lay a complaint there and they (the police) have taken his (Mr Sargwak’s) statement. I met with the DPO and I brought out the video recordings of what actually happened.

”They (the police) were very surprised, and the DPO saw the footage and immediately ordered he (Sargwak) be released on bail forthwith. He was then handed to the Banex manager and from there he was taken for medication.”

Mr Ihenskhien, who was displeased with the treatment Mr Sargwak got from the police, insisted that his client, being the assault victim, “should be treated like the nominal complainant”.

He said, “We do not have a problem with the police invite, but with the way the matter has progressed, he has the status as a nominal complainant, because he was the one that was assaulted.

”They (police) came this morning and about three of them in mulfti from the FCT Command and Maitama Police station with two police officers who were escorts. They took his statement again, and his photograph. I am not comfortable with that. If they want anything from him, they should invite his lawyers, not him.”

Credit to Premium Times

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You Can’t be Our Leader, A’Ibom APC stakeholder reject Akpabio as leader




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Stakeholders of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in  have again rejected Niger Delta Affairs Minister, Senator Godswill Akpabio as party leader in the state.

A group within the party led by a former military administrator of Rivers and Ogun states, Group Captain Sam Ewang (retd), had last month endorsed Akpabio as APC leader in the state.

But in an enlarged second stakeholders meeting of the party on Sunday at SheerGrace Arena, the party kicked against the unilateral decision of the Ewang group to appoint Akpabio as the party’s leader.

The meeting was attended by National Caretaker Secretary of the APC, Senator John Akpanuodehe and Managing Director of the Oli and Gas Free Trade Zone Authority and Obong Umana Okon Umana.

Others were Senior Special Assistant to the President on Niger Delta Affairs Senator Ita Enang; Sole administrator of the Niger Delta Development Commission, Mr.

Efiong Akwa and Group Captain Sam Ewang(retd) among others.

Akpabio was absent at the meeting but sent his apologies.

In a communiqué at end of the meeting, the stakeholder said: ” That the stakeholders endorse the decision of the State Executive Committee (SEC) to declare as a nullity the unilateral proclamation and announcement of Sen. Godswill Akpabio as the State Party Leader of APC in gross violation of the Party’s Constitution in the unauthorised and illegal Stakeholders meeting of Sunday, March 28, 2021.

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That the Party hereby reminds every member and the general public that the State Chairman (or Caretaker Chairman as applicable here) is the Chairman of the State Caucus as provided for in Article 12.9 Sub (i) of the party Constitution (October 2014 As Amended) and remains the Party Leader in the State until further notice”.

They dismissed the insinuation there were factions in the party and urged all leaders from the holding appointive positions to work for the interest and unity of the APC.

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NPC advocates adoption of green productivity




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There is an urgent need for Nigeria to adopt a green productivity approach to boost the production sector of the economy, the Director-General of the National Productivity Centre, Dr.

Kashim Akor, has said.

Presenting a paper titled ‘Post-COVID-19 Nigerian Economy: The Productivity Imperatives’ at the inauguration of the National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC) in Owerri, the Imo State capital, Akor explained that coronavirus had inflicted monumental economic and social challenges on the world, and requires innovativeness and craftiness of economic managers to avert economic implosion of countries.

The NPC helmsman said a green productivity approach is an idea that is suitable for economic growth and sustainable development for Nigeria given the desire to grow her non-oil sector as a matter of necessity.

Green Productivity was launched in 1994 in line with the 1992 Earth Summit recommendations that both economic development and environmental protection would be key strategies for sustainable development.

Green Productivity is a new paradigm in sustainable manufacturing where resource conservation and waste minimization constitute the strategy in simultaneously enhancing environmental performance and productivity.


His explanation: “The knowledge and practice of green productivity are therefore very crucial to the diversification drive of the Nigerian government. The basic characteristics of green productivity include environmental compliance by the production system, application of environment-friendly production management system, use of total quality management and continuous improvement techniques as well.”

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Akor stressed that the need for productivity movement and economic diversification should be a top government agenda, saying, “productivity imperatives provide a promising future for Nigeria with a knowledge-based economy. As bad as the COVID-19 has been, it is a wake-up call that has challenged us as a people to look closely at agriculture and the manufacturing industry to reduce the total dependence on other countries for all our needs, technology inclusive. The new world order is fast emerging. The way we see the world, work, and interact has changed and Nigeria must not be left behind in the new scheme of things. The current reality and challenges are consequently redefining the way things are done across the globe thereby ushering in the new world order.”

Though the concept of productivity has evolved through time and remains the same irrespective of the type of production, economic or political systems, Akor maintained that the basic concept remains the relationship between output and inputs.

He added: “As a social concept, productivity is seen as an attitude of mind that seeks to continuously improve what already exists. It is based on the conviction that one can do things better today than yesterday and better tomorrow than today. It is a mindset that seeks to continually improve what already exists. It is the will to improve on the present situation, no matter how good it may seem. It aims for a better quality of life for everyone, hence, it is everybody’s business.

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As a management concept, productivity improvement is a managed process. It does not happen by accident. A productive organization is efficient in converting the inputs to outputs (products/services) and effective in fulfilling its mission of satisfying expectations of customers and other stakeholders.”

He further stated that as an integrated concept, productivity is the efficiency and effectiveness with which input resources are combined and utilized in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner to produce quality goods and services for the satisfaction of human needs. This is a definition that holistically looks at productivity with keen attention to green productivity and quality in appreciating total productivity.

Credit: Guardian

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“The Whole Success Of The Monarchy Is Built On Slavery, Prince Philip Will Not Rest In Peace” -Shade Ladipo




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Following the demise of Prince Philip, TV personality, Shade Ladipo, has stated that he will never know peace for destroying generations.

The Duke of Edinburgh died on Friday April 9 at the age of 99.

Reacting to the news of his demise on her Instastories this afternoon, Shade said the whole British monarch is” built on slavery and colonization of Black people” and for this reason, late Prince Phillip and the whole monarch ”can never rest in peace.”

See her post below;



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