Though his followers called him white lion but is always afraid of any free contest, very fast and smart in manipulating any processes to himself, very weak in any free and fair election, he likes “awoof” just as Natasha said, the lion never wins any election but enjoying inheriting other people sweat.
Bello next assignment now is to concentrate on his war against Wada, he must be thanking God for Abu Ibro who don’t just sue PDP and Eng Musa Wada but sort for the nullification of the PDP Primary, the case before the state high court must be the one Bello is so much interested in.
Saying he takes thing for granted amount to underrating the white lion, as far he is concern, the so called victory is sweet when competing is a mere theory, though, INEC said you can’t substitute an invalidly nominated candidate, only God knows the colour of the water that passed under the bridge.
The white lion will want to even be declared governor of kogi state even before the November 16, slated for Kogi state governorship election, he has kicked out Natasha Akpoti, just as a friend told me, Bello don’t wants any distraction in Anebira land no matter how little and insignificant the candidate is,White lion will not take you for granted, as a loyal boy of the Asorock, the lion is lucky not because he has enormous money at his disposal to prosecute the election, he also have the government apparatus working for him both at federal and the state, just as Natasha Akpoti said, the umpire,INEC boss , Professor Yakubu  told her that “Her hands are tie” only God knows what tie his hands,the lion used his own party mechanisms  to knocked off the man screened by the National Assembly for the office higher than that of a Governor, Usman Jibrin CFR, and the former DG NASRDA, Professor Seidu Ogah, Mustapha Mona Audu, Mohammed Audu and others he considered detractors off the way, he used the UMPIRE itself the powerful and suppose Indepedent body INEC, to sweep the like of Natasha Akpoti, Yusuf Dantele aka Dabo, into political bench, he is now to focus on court to kick out Eng Musa Wada, May Wada win ,(AMEN) but saying Bello will folds his own hands and watch the law have it course, is a mere speculation, all Bello wanted is what Abu Ibro and his team are doing, you may ask me if truly Bello is targeting Natasha alone why Dabo Dantele, well I will simply tell you Dabo is being used to escort Natasha Akpoti off the stage.
Of course it will be too open to give a red card only to Natasha Akpoti, somebody must be used in sacrifice along with her.
Eng Musa Wada and PDP needs not to underrate Bello, he never wants PDP as a party to have candidate, that was what prompts my former article title “ Bello next primary is PDP” where I throw caution but unfortunately the party played into his hands by Organising a late primary, Bello will want to meddle in the entire judicial processes, and if he has his way, he wants the case be determined even before the election, as part of his personal principles, he goes all for whatever he wants with whatever he has, at a particular time, and not because he is too strategic or too strong or powerful , but his era comes at a time we have a President who have a state like Kogi as anything, and lion be one of the Aso rock loyal boys, he has everything for himself.
Yes the federal  might is demystifiable through a very resolute will of the people just as it happened in Oyo state, Bauchi state, Benue state, Adamawa and other states, may kogi case not be like Kano, Ekiti and Osun state where the will of the people was subjugated for the interest of powerful power, in kogi state the battle to unseat Bello is not going to be easy because the election is be between the people of Kogi state and the INEC, Police, APC, Aso rock Cabals and 2023 forces, even with these legion of forces Bello is defeatable.
Natasha Akpoti with a strong fighting spirit though has vowed to fight to finish,she must enjoy all our support at this time because the next may be you, I wish Barrister Natasha Akpoti and the entire SDP Family best of luck, which i know she will win at the end and her name will be back on ballot
May God help us and guide us into the peaceful election . Amen)
Usman Okai Austin
Written from Abuja

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