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The King Of London Returns



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Nigerian President , Muhammadu Buhari  is back in London.

In a terse, 35-word press statement on Monday, spokesman Femi Adesina announced that his principal would be traveling the following day “for a routine medical checkup.

The President meets with Security Chiefs first in the morning, after which he embarks on the journey.”

The announcement appeared just one day after I published “Breaking point thoughts,” a comment on his recent justification of medical tourism.  In a statement read for him by Minister of Health Osagie Ehanire, a medical doctor, Buhari had offered the curious excuse that unfriendly medical care workers are responsible for “prominent” Nigerians seeking medical care abroad.


And he suggested that since 2015 when he took office, he has made “laudable, fantastic infrastructure investment,” and that “retraining health care givers” is the only challenge left.

But this is untrue.  In the past six years, Buhari has been a dismal failure in infrastructure development, particularly in the medical field, and the only reason he made that statement was to prepare Nigerians for his return to London, a luxury he had been denied by COVID-19.

If anything is clear, it is that Buhari has no respect for Nigerian medical care.  What is also now evident is that he has no respect for Nigerians, outside of his own family, as they all routinely obtain their care abroad.

As I explained last week, this is not simply a case of “prominent” Nigerians choosing to purchase health care abroad.  There are Nigerians who have always done so, and who can afford to do so.

There is no reason to think that Buhari is one of them; he is merely exploiting and cheating the people who trusted him with leadership.  And he is doing it in two ways.

First, he—a man who makes worldwide anti-corruption claims—dedicates their commonwealth to his personal care, without the reciprocity of accounting for the funds as a true anti-corruption champion would do.

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Second, he blatantly ignores the responsibility of providing even basic medical care to the citizens he abandons in Nigeria.

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It is strange that Buhari can callously declare that he is traveling to London for “routine medical checkup,” knowing that most Nigerians cannot go anywhere for a semblance of the same, and knowing that he is actually going for full medical care.

These Nigerians who are getting cheated by a leader who has perfected the art of forgetting his electoral promises would also have noticed how he tied Tuesday’s escape to the insecurity in the country: “The President meets with Security Chiefs first in the morning…”

The impression being conveyed was that Buhari cares about the insecurity that he has nurtured in his years in office, but the facts speak differently.  Like his “anti-corruption” profile, Buhari’s incompetence, policies but most of all outright indifference, have led the relatively peaceful country into the current tension and division bordering on warfare.

These are the reasons why his meetings with security chiefs have become as meaningless as his proclamations of integrity and discipline.

And it is a reminder about why everything has deteriorated in Nigeria: a nation where nobody appears to be in charge, where competence and merit have no currency, and where self-interest leads.  Buhari’s answer to his healthcare needs is the Oyinbo man, just as his answer to the education needs of his family is the Oyinbo man.  He sees no trust in his own hands and his own heart.

In those hands, governance has disintegrated into a chaotic, cynical, haphazard, and temperamental joke.  There is no area of Nigerian national life in which we are blessed with intelligent, public-oriented, confident governance.  Not one.


In Buhari’s hands, Nigeria has shriveled into a pathetic, fearful banana republic with no significance, no answers, and no ambition.  We lack the ability for original thought or action.  Our country has no place on the multilateral or intellectual table.

In Buhari’s hands, wild has become our middle name.  We exchange our sovereignty with the Chinese for a few pieces of silver.  Even where we have rules, they are changed in the middle of the game.  We spend more time buying off blackmailers than on protecting our citizens.  The First Lady flees Nigeria and hides in Dubai for months as young schoolgirls cower from kidnappers.  We beg and plead for a few sachets of COVID-19 vaccines from countries that should be begging and pleading for them from us.

In Buhari’s hands, “Impunity” is the name of the presidential jet, or ought to be, and “Impossible” the name of the presidential palace, or ought to be.  We have lost confidence in ourselves.

Sadly, Buhari does not understand how much of an anachronism he has become, even as he appears to want to feign his way into historical respect.  The truth is that respect, like statesmanship, must be earned.  To make six trips to London in six years for personal care, spending several months in one while your country languished in distress, is no such way.

And then to take off in 2021, with Nigeria in even worse shape, is unforgivable.  The problem is whether Buhari understands how much advertising he is making to the rest of the world.

One might have said that the Nigeria ruler’s conduct reflects his contempt for Nigerians.  But I was 30, half a lifetime ago, when I first reported on Buhari.  After all these years I feel that he is incapable of the concept of contempt, just as he is incapable of the concept of responsibility.  Or of accountability.  Or of pride.  Or of patriotism.

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A national leader abandoning a dangerous situation at home for the pleasures of a personal foreign trip would be a scandal anywhere else.  But to do it at public expense, and during the deepest national insecurity nationwide in six decades, without transferring power to the vice-president as determined by the constitution is not only one of the most self-serving and hypocritical courses of action, it is a recipe for disaster.

But at this point, it is almost certain that Buhari does not care, and did not come to serve.  Given the great dissonance between his words and his action, it would appear that his quest for the presidency was simply a reaction to the way he was relieved of leadership in 1985, and was surprised to have won in 2015.

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The problem is that if you take the oath, its power and privileges come with heavy responsibility.  Buhari appears to have misread the book.

At the weekend, as hundreds of Nigerians in and around London protested his presence in that city, Buhari disbursed platitudes on Twitter.

Among them: “We should not allow the antics of a few mischief mongers to fragment the unity and faith that the vast majority of citizens of this country cherish and believe in…As a Government, we will continue to ensure that the weak, the poor and the underprivileged in our midst are not abandoned.”

How on earth does anyone reduce the monumental outrage and danger in Nigeria to “mischief”?

Worse still, his government will “continue” to serve?  When and where did it begin, London?

This column welcomes rebuttals from interested government officials.


•           [email protected]

•           @Sonala.Olumhense

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The truth that hurt Onoja by Usman Okai Austin




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Over the weekend, convener of #RevolutionNow movement and publisher of Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore and the Deputy Governor of Kogi State, Edward Onoja, were involved in a social media war of words.

Edward’s daughter was recently admitted into the prestigious Nile University as a student. ( I have to put that student there to avoid Nigerians asking me whether she was admitted as a patient or a security agent).
An elated Edward Onoja took to his Twitter handle to wish his beloved daughter God speed ( whatever that means. You know in the Federal Religious Republic of Nigeria, we can coin anything to make our religiosity appear top notch. It is almost another kind of sin to not be religious in my country.)
I don’t think Edward did anything wrong by taking his daughter to school, taking photographs with her and wishing her success.
After all , success is what we all wish for our children. I was happy for him and the young lady, who was all smiles in the picture.
Omoyele Sowore also added a voice to the many congratulatory comments pouring in for the Onojas as a well wisher. In his prayers, he wished Edward’s daughter what a parent would naturally wish a beloved child.
But that obviously didn’t go down well with our darling deputy. He could not hold his emotions and consternation. What followed was a litany on invective. What is in Sowore’s prayer?
He prayed that the child;
1. May graduate and get a job.
2. May not be owed salaries when eventually employed.
3. May not be denied her pension after retirement.
Personally, I do not see anything wrong with this prayer. I do not think that any Nigerian would find fault with it. After all, Nigeria is the most religious in the world. The deputy governor himself goes to church. He has, on several occasions, demonstrated his sublime love for God by dedicating all his success to Him. So why the vituperation?
I would tell you why. Omoyele seemed to have touched the very truth through that cynical prayer. He squarely addressed the problems of Kogi State. The first truth glaring at Edward in the face is the total neglect of education in Kogi State. From primary to university education in Kogi State, it is a tale of deprivation and neglect. The Kogi state University is the worst, and is being referred to as a glorified secondary school by mockers. I personally spoke to a professor from the school. The erudite man complained of being owed salaries and even the current ones are paid at the discretion of the government. A lot of professors are abandoning the school for acolytes of the government.
The dream of the founder of the school, Prince Abubakar Audu , to be a world class institution and also affordable to the less privileged has been washed down the drain by a government in which Edward is a key player. The school now ranks 89th in Nigeria and 10477th in the world. A shameful reversal of fortune for a school which hasn’t lasted up to 30 years.
At the moment, the school fees have more than tripled for new and old students. For new students who are from the state, the school fees range between N57,000 and N68,000, while for those who are not from Kogi State it ranges from approximately N100,000 to N150,000.
Before you say it is still normal, please consider that in that state, many people are owed salaries. The said salaries are anything from N30,000 to N100,000, of which percentages are paid reluctantly by the government when they feel like.
These salaries are earned by only about less than 30% of Kogi’s 3.4 million strong population. The remaining over 70% are farmers, who struggle with the stubborn soil to eke out a living. These are men and women who believe that their children would one day put smiles on their faces when they are out of school.
The university education is being pushed out of their reach by means of the increased fees. Their parents, those who are lucky to work in government are not paid salaries and the school fees are not affordable.
We haven’t talked about primary and secondary education. The teachers are owed multiple salaries, and are forced back into the farms. They come to school when they are free. There is no government presence in the villages. The parent-teacher associations of most village and suburban schools have decided to find a way around the problem. They have resorted to employing secondary school leavers and other volunteers to teach in those secondary and primary schools under the title of PTA teachers. Their responsibility is on the association which pays them anything from N2,000 to N10,000 monthly.
Pray, what kind of service would anyone expect from such a situation? The first problem is that they are not qualified to teach. So, they would end up churning out half baked students and continue a circle of mediocrity. When their products get to the university, they are behind their peers on many fronts.
Secondly, a man who is receiving that kind of wage is not happy. What can N10,000 buy in today’s Nigeria? They too would look for alternatives that would better their living standard.
The story of Kogi state is a litany of woes. Edward should have simply said Amen to Sowore’s prayer instead of trying to put up a face saving argument that didn’t even come close to address the subtle indictment.
He stated that Sowore should have kept family out of politics. I want to ask Edward a simple question. Is it not politics that made his family the second family in Kogi state? The children they employ as thugs in Kogi state to run their political races for them are also people’s children.
They education system that has died in their hands are to breed good and responsible children. How can you destroy the future of other people’s children and be angry that yours was mentioned? Are some children more children than others?
Lastly, the kinds of words and angry vituperation that oozed from his response to Sowore are totally unbecoming of a man of his class.

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They are so vitriolic and completely lacking in substance. It shows one thing. That the man and his boss do not brook any other opinion that does not serve their interests. They want to be praised, worshipped and called ‘Excelon..’, whatever that means.
What is good for the goose is good for the gender. That’s what Sowore has implied. Edward had better sit down and provide the answer. He should stop those use of grammar that say nothing to us.

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Nigerians were in ecstatic mood some months back when the former military administrator of Lagos and Borno states resumed office as the new Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA).

The anti-drug agency has a well-known reputation for apprehending individuals and groups that are into exportation and importation of banned substances into the country. In recent years, the NDLEA hasn’t been living up to its reputation of combating crime that are related to the production, packaging, usage and marketing of banned drugs all over the country. The agency, being one of the agencies working with the federal ministry of health, has recorded remarkable and spectacular achievements since its establishment. They have made visible progress in reducing the rate at which people produce and market hard drugs.

In the last decade, the scourge of hard drugs production and marketing has increased rapidly where present report have it that an estimated 15 million Nigerians are drug addicts of which one(1) out of every four(4) females in the country is a drug addict according to the United Natuons Office on Drug Control in 2018. We have seen cases of Nigerians making attempts to either import (smuggle) or export hard drugs in and out of the country. There have been countless cases of people that were apprehended by the Customs and NDLEA officials at our international airports and our land borders in recent years.
Nigeria as a country lack sensitization programs on the dangers of drug abuse and the monumental risk factor of involving in drug smuggling. Due to many psychosocial factors, many Nigerians have been lured into drug businesses. It has become prevalent amongst both genders. These days, you see women hiding drugs in different parts of their bodies and the men using different schemes to swindle immigration officers at the airports in their attempts to smuggle or export banned substance into or out of the country.

These acts are becoming prevalent in recent years and well-meaning Nigerians have been expressing concerns about the organization and its reputation that is fading away due to negligence and lack of government’s investment and adequately budgeting resources needed for the agency to thrive in curbing the business of hard drugs and apprehending its dealers.

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So, with the coming of Gen. Buba Marwa as the helmsman of the agency, all hopes have been restored and there are huge optimism that the organization will live up to its expectations by combating drug abuse and apprehending unlicensed dealers and illicit drug traffickers. The new NDLEA BOSS is a man with a stellar record in corporate management and organization excellence as a former military administrator of Lagos and Borno states, where some of us as pupils/students then in primary and secondary schools got familiar with his performance as his name rang bell even to the ears of the deaf of his noble achievements and fight against criminality in Lagos state in particular. As a concerned citizen and unrepentant follower of his track record, he has done excellently well in all the national tasks that were assigned to him by the federal government, especially in the area of drug management and control which he keeps demonstrating leadership capacity with undeniable results.

Haven attained high scores based on his performance from the previous appointment as the Chairman of the Presidential Committee for the Elimination of Drug Abuse in Nigeria, where he championed a comprehensive report to the federal government on the committee’s findings which necessitated his appointment as the new boss of the organization. His recommendation was as a result of his sheer determination and concern to save millions of Nigerians who are currently addicted to the menace of drugs. Needless to say, Gen. Buba Marwa is an astute gentleman with a penchant for excellence, growth, quality, a carrier of goodwill and discipline needed for achieving organization’s goals and objectives who for some of us are thus inspired and motivated by his personality, deeds and outstanding records as a gallant soldier and for his emergence as the man whom the cap fits. He has displayed readiness and will power as someone with the technical know-how and character to reposition the agency to greater heights.

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Why Nigerians and the world should support this distinguished Nigerian. From all performance indicators, the man is a goal-getter with proven integrity, goodwill and a detribalised personality who ensures that patriotism and national interest are pursued in place of personal aggrandizement. Just recently, the agency within 2 months has recorded successes worthy of commendation. For the whole of 2019, it is on record that the Murtala Mohammed International Airport NDLEA Command only recovered 34.109kg of cocaine and 21.79kg of heroine but with less than 2months of the new drug Sheriff in 2021, the command has seized 63.217kg of cocaine and 950kg heroine respectively.

In cannabis seizure, Edo state was in the news recently as 16,344 bags and seed weighing 233,778kg with estimated street value of the illicit drugs put at over 1.4 billion naira was seized, should Kogi state be mentioned where the command seized 10,978,399kg of the illicit drugs worth street value of 3billion naira seized or the 26 hectares of land recover, the 313, 36.759kg destroyed, should the seized cocaine in Lagos worth 30 billion naira be mentioned or the container loaded with tramadol be mentioned and so on.

The passion that is being exhibited by the new NDLEA Chief in this task is worth of emulation, couple with dedication, motivation, assurances of welfare packages and reward system to performing personnel, calls for partnerships and collaborations, anti-drug tours and visits etc. All these are signs of a dogged and pragmatic leadership. Sadly, the drug barons have found huge market within our youthful population by destroying their futures to make wealth. Nigerians should realize that when you throw a stone to the market, you won’t know who it will hit. Drug dealers as you throw stones, it can hit one of your relatives who go to the same market for trade.

In my noblest call, Nigerians should throw their weight behind this gallant soldier by supporting the fight at the family and community level. No youth should die aimlessly and ignorantly. No nation can survive nationhood or develop if the youths are sacrificed at the altar of drug abuse which is our current peril as a state. As we cry every day due to the high level of insecurity, kidnapping, banditry, criminality, cultism etc. Nigeria needs the youths for her inheritance to be preserved. Frankly speaking, the drug scourge is not a problem for the new NDLEA leader, but that of all Nigerians. The obvious fact is that no family is safe whether rich, middle class or the poor.
The federal government of Nigeria including the legislative and the executive arms must not pay lip service, the need for huge fund injection to help get the needed result is undebatable. Corporate organisations, religious bodies, traditional institutions, well-meaning individuals, the international community and donor agencies should come to our aid so as to help rescue Nigerian youths from total destruction in order to fulfil their purposes of creation.

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At our end, SILEC Initiatives as an organization is very much effective and relevant as we are in the forefront in the fight. We are glad to recognize the proactive steps taken by the head of the NDLEA and we are looking forward to working with him as he interfaces with all the NGOs that are into anti-drug sensitization and counselling.
There is indeed a breath of fresh air in the NDLEA and as an organization that is into anti-drug campaigns for over a decade now, we are already warming up to further expand our scope of work as it is our tradition to work with all government agencies that are into combating drug abuse. The need for we all as citizens and corporate citizens to stand and save Nigeria from this habitual and moral decadence is NOW!

Amb. Sunny Irakpo is the founder/President Silec Initiatives, youth leader and anti-drug abuse advocate, U.S Government sponsored Exchange Alumni of the International visitors leadership program (IVLP) in combating drug addiction and the opioid crisis, bureau of educational and cultural affairs, U.S Department of State Washington DC

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IGALA, WE SHALL RETURN-Col. Suleiman Babanawa




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The lgala are nostalgic and proud about the exploits and accomplishment of their ancestors.

That is the way of a proud race, one that has never been colonised by any black race. Unlike other ethnic nationalities in Central Nigeria, the Igala did not experience ‘foreign’ rule, the type that the Fulani Jihadists brought to Northern Nigeria.
We were not conquered by the Fulanis or Jukuns or any tribe becsuse of the type of leaders and the quality of the average Igala man, There were personal sacrifices made by our leaders and even our illustrious princess paid the supreme price to save her people. Igala warriors led by the Ibaji conquered the Afemai, the Esan and fought a bitter expansionist war with the Bini army. They gave us that place of pride in history and for that we remain eternally grateful for their efforts.
. However, today the world of the lgala nation has changed as the craze now is for money and the good things of life.
In the course of time, I identified some internal flaws in our character which are militating against the political, economic and social progress of our ethnic nationality. The folk at home, the ‘boys’ and the leaders are to blame for the situation we now find ourselves. Let me explain.
*The Folks* The urge to make it in quick time, build a house and own a car has reduced the self esteem of the Igala resident at home, both the young and the old.. Poverty, hunger and relative deprivation has done so much damage to the concience of our people as they have been reduced to unwilling beggers. If you call any meeting today the mind of our people go straight to money ….how much is he giving? Their interest is in the morsel, not from whom or where it is coming from. And that was the reason that aided Mr Yahaya Bello the Ebira governorship candidate to make inroad in Igalaland in 2019 elections. I wish to state without fear of contradiction that leaders are recognised by the amount of money they doll out to people and the frequecy they ‘service’ followers. The folks are not loyal to anybody or any political party. They are like your smartphones, no credit, no deal.
*The ‘Boys’* The ‘boys’ include people of all grades, from teenagers to octogenarians, who are able to demonstrate their loyalty through sycophancy, backstabbing, treachery or shedding of blood. They include illitrates the political thugs, the educated, the elite and the extremely poor. They live in Igala land, in Abuja and other cities in Nigeria and in the diaspora. They usually identify themslves as politicians and honourables,Elders etc the ‘boys’ could be tricksters who know the most effective prayer men, marabouts, imams and prayer warriors. They inundate politicians and money men of Igala extraction with clever proposals and irresistible verbal presentations on how to win elections and how to exercise power. The ‘boys’ can say or do anything to extract money from would- be ‘exellencies’. The ‘boys’ can and often serve more than 2 masters.They quarantine gubernatorial aspirants and candidates and determine who talks to ‘his excellency’ and who does not. They share appointments into the cabinet of the ‘governor elect’ before the election is done.
The ‘boys’ are always on the move, energetic and full of ideas.They are always available to hail their paymasters. In public gatherings they defend the sordid past of their masters who did not live to expectation in their past leadership roles. They are the attack dogs if anyone tries to be different or fails to identify with the ideas and pronouncements of their paymasters. The boys kill the Igala nation in instalments as a result of greed and the struggle to belong.
*The Leaders* Leadership in our land is always a function of money, how deep your pocket is. Our people have never lacked leaders, it is just that the leaders never last on the stage for obvious reasons–lack of money. There has been a great turnover of leaders since 2003 when Abubakar Audu lost his re-election bid. Leaders came out in their numbers trying to rule the state. Many people are no longer leaders, again for the reasons of lack of resources.Some past leaders who ruled the state were not prepared for leadership. They came, saw and conquered resources for themselves. They did not impact the lives of their people meaningfully. They left goverment house richer than they came in, even as their people have no water to drink and no electricity to grow their cottage industries. However, they would empower some cronies especially chief thugs and fronts. It is interesting that several years after they vacate power, our former governors try to castigate another government for underdeveloping their people. Our political leaders would wail for the people and call for unity and reconcilliation when they or their wards want to contest election. Is it not time we talk about remorse and restitution? The people are united in their poverty and hunger. All we need at this point is to reconcile our concience with lost opportunities.
*The Blame Game?* The blame game does not help us but the aim of a post mortem is to learn some lessons and avoid certain human erors that should never happen again. If you go to Ebiraland today you will understand what your people expect you to do for them if you are in the driving seat. Good hospital, world class water project, institutions of higher education, electricity etc etc. I love the transformation of Okene, the Confluence University and its Teaching Hospital under construction. I admire the feat of the Ebiranization of the top echelon of Kogi State Civil Service and the heavy presence of Anebira in the Boards and parastatals of the Federal Govermentof Nigeria. Tough sons get such things done for their people, broken natives are too naive to contemplate that. Even at Ogugu, in Igalaland, see what Mr Edward Onoja is doing for his people. Never has any project of that magnitude been done anywhere in Igalaland for the benefit of the common man. That is how I rate leaders and leadership. Any other criteria?
My observation is that we wish for better days ahead without willing to pay the price. Our hope and strength remain in our youths but most of them are the ‘boys’, their education and exposure not withstanding. The unfortunate fact is that most of our people, especially the youths toy with their future. They follow feudalists and mercantile politicians who do not know the pain of our people. Of what use are leaders who maintained cowardly silence in the face of injustice, cruelty and all forms of oppression metted to their peoplle? They do not risk anything for the sake of the people, even as they could buy the people guns and cutlasses to protect votes for themselves.
The Igala are nostangic and fervently desire to return to their rightful position in Kogi politics. I suggest the following measures that are necessary and of immediate importance:
*Enlightenment*. Enlighten and continue to educate your family on politics in lgalaland and Kogi State in general.. Impress it on the minds of every members of your family that lgala people have resoved to vote only for an Igala candidate. Your effort should be directed at members of your family and extended family, inlaws and friends.
*Registration of voters* Ensure that members of your family have voters card. Those who lost theirs due to whatever reason shoud go and get their cards back with effect from May/June 2021 as directed by INEC.
*Search For Good Learders*. Those who know the traits of good leaders should strive to get them out. The leaders must be knowledgeable,versatile and honest. Our leaders must be ready to restore our broken spirit. The leaders must be Igala body and soul and loyal to our race. They must not be bought and carried away by sycophants and the mafia(both internal and external). He must not be a religius fanatic. Leaders who did their earlier education in Igala land or have once lived among the people should be at advantage. Leaders who live outside our shores in the diaspora but have record of attending to and solving community problems are at great advantage. The search should be meticulous. Dont just accept anything imposed on you.Open your eyes, upgrade your morale values and pray. Search for young vibrant leaders, they are there!!
*Prepare For War.* As you whole heartedly resolve to serve your nation, be on your guard. Watch your back. Your preparation must start today, not January 2023. Election in Kogi is a war in many ways. There is the ta-ta ta-ta-phase. There is kill and go phase. There is INEC abracadabra phase, the tribunal jibiti phase and the take- it -or leave -it verdict of my Lords. I dont advocate for violence but prepare to stay alive.
*Look for Sponsors* Our people must look for sponsorship from among our sons and daughters to assist with the huge cost of running a gubernatorial election. Here our former Gorvenors must take the lead.
*Assert Yourselves*.Igalas must be ready to assert themselves. For any party in this countr to think that they can hurt the feelings of the lgala people without consequences is unbelievable. Its only the eyes of a child that fears a painted devil. We must collectively come to terms with our fate.
*We must organize*. The power of the poor lies in their ability to organize. We must cordinate ourslves in each of our hamlets, communities and towns. Lack of unity is being tauted as one of our drawbacks.Idont think so. Its just a cheap blackmail. Unity of purpose is what we need in Igala land.Not the utopian unity we call for everyday as if we are at war with each other. In any case the actions and inactions of every lgala son and daughter (not necessarily the leaders) will largely determine our sense of direction.
*Shun Cowardice* I regret to say that most lgala leadears love their safety and security so much that they preferred to be seen but not to be heard. for the fear of government thugs, security officials, armed robbers, bandits kidnappers etc. They fear lgala land and speak as if this is Borno State or a war .Leadears must speak up and kick where necessary. If leaders fear humilation and persecution, they are not yet leaders. What is leadership without courage. I wish Dino Melaye were an lgala. That is why I love Austin Okai and Austin Otene, my young Turks..Remember:”No guts, no glory”. And you know that.
*Enthrone justice, Shun Violence* It is important that we enthrone justice in our land, even as we must shun violence. I feel sad and devasted when ever l see or hear of injustice and violence among our people. We must do everything to recognise the right and dignity of each and every member of our great nation.We must fight security threats and breaches by exposing criminals in our domain
I wish to thank Dr Aminu Audu ffrom UK for his short comment on the need for us to radically change our ways froom greed and corruption to enable us choose the right leaders. It is this comment that motivated me to write this piece.

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