The Ordeal of the Kogi State Assembly Members- Usman Okai Austin



When Yahaya Bello imported exotic cars and deployed them for campaigns in the last election in Kogi State, right thinking minds already saw that the young man has no fear of God or the interest of Kogites at heart. In a state like Kogi which is rated as one of the poorest states in Nigeria, Bello callously squandered unimaginable amount of money on campaign, he bought some kind of expensive Jeeps that have never been used elsewhere, not even in the oil rich states across Nigeria.

Today, Kogi is dangerously broke that Bello can’t buy cars for State Assembly Members after spending so much on election. Without preconception and prejudice, are we going forward in Kogi State or backward? Is Bello not desperately ruining the state?

It would shock you to know that our state Assembly Members are currently living from hand to mouth. Bello is not giving them what is accrued to them and their dues. He finished all the government fund without giving a second thought to what holds for the state in the aftermath of the election.

We saw how much monies were shared across the polling boots. We saw the heavy bribing. Yahaya Bello was too desperate for this second coming and we know he was not trying to come back for any project aside election winning project.

Everyone in Bello’s government is playing pretence politics. Nobody is currently getting their entitlements. Good governance does not come out of mere youthful exuberance. Bello spends beyond the financial strength of Kogi State. It would take Kogi a while to recover from the financial injury caused her from Yahaya Bello’s campaign financing.
Today Kogi Assembly members entitlement is at the mercies of the Gubina and nobody dare questioning the authority.
Kogi state now one man empire with emperor called Governor Yahaya Bello, that’s a fact of Kogi state assembly members existence today,
Challenging the promoters of Bello to confront me with facts, kogi emperor and his team have never been doing an awesome job …

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