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We Married on Saturday and divorced o Sunday after I discovered the source of his money



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My name is Amanda, I grew up living a life that could be called a rough life.

My mum separated from my dad when I was just 9 years old, my dad who was a busy man had little or no time for me. For some reason he decided not to get another wife, he employed a maid who trained me and brought me up.

I hate the maid because she was having an affair with my dad, whenever I’m facing any challenges as a girl, I normally run to my friend’s mum for advice.

The wrong advice that started it

Right from my teenage years, she normally advises me that money is everything in a man.
I grew up with the mentality of running after money and how to empty the pocket of a man. Thanks to my beautiful and irresistible looks, it was an easy task.

How I met Mike


I left my dad when I was 23 to live with my boyfriend, I ate him till he became broke, I used his money to open a boutique which he does not know of. When I discovered that he was broke, I left him and followed a richer man called Mike. He was close to his 50s but I didn’t mind, I followed him intending to eat him dry.


The Wedding


Along the line, he proposed to me and I accepted simply because I wanted to eat more of his money. The wedding was successful but I was surprised that none of his family members attended, I haven’t met or seen any of his family members but I didn’t care because I was blinded by money.


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Our first night

After the wedding, he took me to his mansion that Saturday night. After we finished enjoying ourselves, I slept off. I knew I’ve sinned a lot but I never knew God still loves me, I was sleeping when I heard a voice called my name, the voice was so loud and audible, it sounded like a speaker. I immediately woke up and I was surprised to see that my husband wasn’t in the room with me, that was around 2 am.

I wanted to go back to sleep but I noticed that a strange odor just automatically filled the room, it was so uncomfortable that I had to run out of the room, it smelled like a dead rat mixed with rotten eggs.

Discovering the truth

Immediately I ran out of the room, I saw my husband in the parlor putting on a strange red gown with candles and scary objects everywhere. He was talking to someone but I couldn’t see the person, I could only hear him. I saw him holding my underwear and he lifted it, immediately he does that the underwear disappeared into thin air.

The death sentence

The person told him that the ritual is almost complete, all he needs to do is to call my name three times and I will be dead before morning. The person told him that the money in his account will triple.

The divine intervention



After I heard this, I was so scared to my bones, the only person I could remember then was God and I started praying and crying in my mind, pleading to God to save me. He yelled my name twice and I was still praying, immediately he called it the third time I saw a blinding bright light with a cross in the middle, it was so bright that I had to close my eyes.

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The strange voice

When I opened my eyes I saw Mike lying on the floor unconscious but he was still breathing. I was still trying to pounder on what I just saw with my eyes when I heard a bold voice telling me to run. It was still late in the night but I didn’t mind, I ran as fast as I could, I forgot I was still putting on my night wears.



The strange man

I took only my phone with me and I was hoping to find a hotel which I can spend the night. As I was running, a man from nowhere grabbed my hand, I was scared but he told me to be calm and I immediately felt peace, he told me that God gave me a second chance because he still loves me.

Truth about Mike

He told me that Mike has killed over 50 ladies in the past for rituals and that’s why he’s rich. He said I should use all the money I collected from Mike and my former boyfriends to help the poor and needy, and I should divorce Mike before evening that day and end everything I have with him.

He showed me a hotel which I could spend the night and he gave me cash of 50 thousand to pay for the hotel and my transport. He also told me to forgive my dad and make things right with him.

I was thinking of asking him his name and how he knew everything about me, somehow he knew my thoughts and he told me that he’s a friend.

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Before I could ask him where he came from I couldn’t find him anymore, I went into the hotel and spend the night.

The divorce

The next day Mike called me and asked for my whereabouts, I told him that it’s over and I’ve already arranged for a divorce. I was surprised when he said that he has the same thing in mind, that’s how I and Mike ended and that’s how I learned the biggest lesson of my life.

My new life

I changed into a good lady and I transformed my love for money into a burning love for God, I also did as the strange man instructed. Though things became a little bit hard, I was determined to work hard for my money. I later found favor in the sight of the manager of the company where I worked, he promoted me and we later fell in love with each other and got married.

Now I’m happily married with three kids but I’ll never forget how I almost lost my life at the hands of a man while looking for money.

Foods For Thoughts

They do say that money makes the world go round but money can also be the root of evil. In life, we shouldn’t allow our lust for money to take over our humanity as humans and makes us wicked. As ladies, we should learn to hustle for our money, love and greed for money have landed many people in trouble.

Above all, we should always acknowledge God as the first in our lives.

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Yoruba Land only breeding area boys, fake prophets —Billionaire developer, Okeowo




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Nigerian billionaire and property investor, Olu Okeowo, believes the only thing the South-West region of the country has been able to produce are area boys and fake prophets.

Okeowo, the owner of Gibraltar Property, who spoke on the current security situation in the country during a church service to mark his birthday on Sunday, said if the Country is to disintegrate today going by the clamour for self-determination, the South-West will be the biggest losers as there has not been any positive development in the region apart from miscreants and men of God who go about deceiving the people.

”I have noticed, electricity is no longer in abundant supply because Shiroro has been surrounded.

“Electricity is being generated in the North. Those who are saying divide don’t know what they are saying.

“Even if we divide today, the gas that they would use to run any turbine comes from another area.

“Unfortunately, my people here from the South-West will be the ones to lose out most because what we have produced mostly are area boys and fake pastors. We need to pray for the unity of Nigeria,” the property merchant said.

Okeowo’s alarm also came on the heels of the demolition of an illegal structure put of up by his company last week by the Lagos State government on the basis that they were distressed and had to go down.

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The multi-storey blocks of buildings were to have multiple numbers of flats and was being put up in the prestigious Parkview Estate in Ikoyi area of the state.

The government had also said that a further 7,800 buildings had failed compliance tests in accordance with the physical planning laws of the state which resulted in their closure.

This, the billionaire believes does not augur well for the South-West region as according to him, the means of livelihood of many had been taken away from them.

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My Grandmother Behind My Ordeal And Why I Said My Father Was Dead — Amputee Hawker Clarifies, Begs For Forgiveness




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She said she had been hawking in Onitsha in Anambra state, from where she moved to Asaba in Delta state and now to Lagos where she was hawking before fortune smiled on her.

Mary Daniel, the twenty-seven-year-old Lagos amputee hawker, has pleaded with Nigerians to forgive her for lying that her father was dead.

Daniel, who spoke with SaharaReporters on Thursday, said she made a mistake by saying her father was dead because the man abandoned her.

Reacting to allegations that her story was staged, Daniel refuted such allegations stating that she had been hawking sachet water despite being an amputee because she does not know how to beg for alms but rather work to survive.

She said she had been hawking in Onitsha in Anambra state, from where she moved to Asaba in Delta state and now to Lagos where she was hawking before fortune smiled on her.

Also, a report has said Daniel had been receiving strange calls from a team who were instrumental to her fortune in Lagos.

However, the young lady told SaharaReporters that it was no other person but her maternal grandmother, who was sad that she only got N200, 000 from Daniel’s fortune so far.

She claimed there was nothing to lie about as it’s obvious she is an amputee who lost a leg to an accident.

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“My father abandoned me since I was involved in this accident, there was no one to take care of me, nothing! That was why I said he’s dead. But my mother is truly dead. I had an accident truly; I was not amputated from birth.

“It was my grandmother that called me that she does not have anything, that if I have, I should send it. I said let me give her small money so she can use it to manage herself for now. I wanted to send N100, 000, I sent N200, 000 instead. She called me and asked why I sent her such a meagre amount, that, do I think she doesn’t know what’s going on, that how will people be contributing money for me and all I do is to send N200, 000.

“She said I’d rather send more money or she will expose me and I will go back to selling ‘pure’ (satchet) water. I was shocked and asked what sort of thing is this. She’s my maternal grandmother, she is really old.

“My aunties and uncles from my mother’s side are the ones pushing my grandmother into this and if she continues like this, later she will regret it. I have told her to calm down that I will take care of her but she refused. She is busy following her children around, making videos, that’s their business.

“Nigerians should forgive me. People that stay on the streets and in noisy places, they hardly have a settled mind and I said my father is late so Nigerians can help me. I made a big mistake; Nigerians should please forgive me.

“I want to open a supermarket in Lagos. I have always been a pure water hawker. Lagos is not the first place, I started from Onitsha, from there, I sold pure water in Asaba from there I came to Lagos. I don’t beg, even in my condition, I hawk that water so I can survive. That’s the business I have always been doing.

“I really appreciate the Lagos state government, Mr Idris, the hotel man that gaveme accommodation, that celebrated my birthday. I also appreciate Princess Aderemi, for all the support and everyone that helped. I promise not to fail Nigerians.”

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So much cry as hunger, high cost of foodstuffs hit Nigerians




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In Kogi State, it is not palatable as hunger is visible seen in the street and homes,Kogite cries out

Nigerian merchant Feyintola Bolaji, struggling with stagnant earnings and dwindling sales, is now being squeezed by the ever increasing prices demanded by her food suppliers, leading her to cut down on the amount she can put on her own family’s table.

Bolaji’s belt tightening is being shared by millions across Africa’s most populous nation. Not long after Nigeria’s statistics agency revealed that one in three people in the continent’s largest economy were unemployed, on Thursday it announced that food inflation has accelerated at the highest pace in 15 years, compounding the misery of many households.

“It is really bad, I can’t simply afford to give my children what they really need in terms of food,” said Bolaji, a mother of three in her 50s based in the southwestern city of Ibadan.

“I try to make them get the nutrients they need as growing children, but it is not enough,” she said, adding “I have had to cut down on meat and fish.”

Insurgency, unrest, and the stand of President Muhammadu Buhari’s government on food imports in a nation where more than half the population lives on less than $2 a day are worsening food insecurity in the African country. Meanwhile, the coronavirus pandemic has robbed 70% of Nigerians of some form of income, according to a Covid-19 impact survey published by the statistics agency last month.

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In Kogi State, it is not palatable as hunger is visible seen in the street and homes.


Sunday Elejo, Musa Nasidi and Bright Kolawole say there feeding habits have changed drastically as they can no longer afford the basics.


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